Allergy Champion

Julianne is as passionate campaigner and advocate for those who lives with allergies or have anaphylaxis – just like her.

She is often asked to comment on these matters by the media and also to give talks at trades shows, to parents and to varied audiences globally. She’s known as a voice for those who have to make careful choices around food, drink and the environment due to allergies.

She is aware that allergies are rising rapidly, especially allergies and intolerances to food, across the world.

Julianne was diagnosed as having anaphylaxis when she was a toddler after collapsing at nursery school. Tests revealed she has multiple allergies including being allergic to all nuts, including tree nuts, sesame seeds, chick peas and she can also be affected by strong perfumes including aftershaves. She has been rushed into intensive care several times and on average suffers some kind of allergic reaction every month.

This has had a massive impact on her daily life from what she eats and drinks, to where she eats and drinks to how she travels around the UK and overseas. No area of her life is unaffected by the risk of anaphylaxis.

Julianne can talk about:

  • Growing up with allergies – including bullying and isolation
  • Shopping and cooking with allergies.
  • Eating food on the go with allergies – what to look for and wise choices when looking for snack choices for home, school, holidays and travelling. (Yes she will talk about Creative Nature as well)
  • Christmas, Easter and Halloween for those with food allergies – talking about her experiences around these annual events where food & drink are central to celebrations.
  • Campaigning for allergy sufferers – how to make an impact by speaking out, standing up and taking part to raise awareness and educate around anaphylaxis and allergies.
  • Running a business as a person with allergies – the kind of issues you may face as you run a business regardless of product or service.

Booking Julianne for a talk on the subject of allergies and anaphylaxis may require a fee for her time and expertise. This will vary depending on the type of event and whether Julianne is representing herself or another organisation such as Anaphylaxis UK. In some cases she may ask for a donation and for her expenses only to be met.

 To discuss your requirements please contact Julianne’s media consultant Fiona Scott on 07789 270030 or email