What do awards in business mean to you?

Last year I was named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, as someone to watch, which was an accolade in itself, but also on the list was Daniel Ratcliffe. […]

Sugar – A Modern Addiction

Sugar is something which concerns me deeply. As a campaigner for those of us who live with allergies and anaphylaxis, it’s inevitable that I will come across people who have […]

Living With The Agony Of Endometriosis

I have endometriosis. For many years I’ve suffered agonising pain around the time of my period which, when really bad, can debilitate me. I go to bed, I take painkillers, […]


Halloween has always been important to me and my favourite seasonal celebration. I can’t really explain why except it’s all about the dressing up, the mystery, the magic, the folklore […]

My school lunchbox – what’s in your’s?

The choice for most people’s lunch at school, is – whatever they fancy.  They don’t have to think about what they eat.  They don’t have to worry about sitting next […]