Confidence hacks I learnt public speaking

As a keynote speaker I have to overcome most people’s worst fear… public speaking. This used to be my own worst fear, until I plucked up the courage, got up on stage and spoke. I now speak across the country. Below are some of the hacks I use:
Get in the zone
Everyone knows that listening to music will get you in a certain mood whether it’s a high tempo song at the gym or the theme song to your favourite movie. But you may not know why. In NLP there’s an idea of anchoring, it’s the process of associating an external trigger (music) with an internal response (confidence). Music is a powerful anchor, everyone remembers the song that played at an important moment like graduation or their wedding day.
Motion creates emotion
This hack I learnt from speaking with Jairek Robbins, motivational speaker & son of peak mindset coach Anthony Robbins. Before the talk he got us all to stand round hold hands and jump up and down. Sounds bizarre right? Well it worked. Instead of walking on stage like I usually do I ran out raring to go. I now use this before any talk or moment where I need a confidence boost. The act of jumping psych you up by forcing your body out of its comfort zone and therefore you.
Being 5ft1 I’m usually the shortest person in the room. That however doesn’t stop me from being the tallest person in the room when it comes to posture. Most people slouch this send a message to your mind and everyone else that you are not confident and want to take up as little room as possible.
I learnt this from Amy Cuddy’s TedX talk: ‘Your body language shapes who you are.’ I definitely recommend watching the video:

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