Goal Setting in Business

Its long been known that people who set goals, especially those who have them written down are far more likely to achieve them. Why is this? Its simple really goals give you something to focus on and a direction to go in, this means you’re more likely to follow through.

When I was younger my family had a great tradition that helped me learn how important goal setting is and how fun it can be. Every new year we would have to write things that you thought would would happen next year and things that you were grateful for the previous year. Of course back then my goals had more to do with what boy I liked in school than anything useful, but it was always exciting to see what goals had come to fruition, a bit like how I set goals for my business now.

My number one advice after years of goal setting? Set realistic and one crazy goal. The point of the unrealistic goal is two-fold one it helps you think bigger and secondly it makes the realistic goals seem more attainable and you never know you might hit it!

The process:

Personal: The first step is to set personal goals. Ask yourself what do you want to do in a year? Where would you like to be? What does it look like? This is your base.

Business: Look at your last years previous sales. This can be a good time to see if you want to change distributors or suppliers How streamlined is the process. How can you free up your time?

Cash Flow: Look at your weekly cashflow, is there things you can do without? Is there some new way to bring in revenue? In my case I looked to see how I could bring in a new stream of revenue and we started exporting based on that goal.

Team goals: Business owners often overlook setting goals for team members but it’s a great way to keep them focused. If you’re a solopreneur set

Final thoughts
The hardest thing is keeping up with set goals, my number one piece of advice is to break it down into monthly and if necessary weekly goals, that way you can keep checking in.
Also, it’s important to note that if you do miss a week don’t be hard on yourself, its more important to get back on track.

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