Hire passion & train skill. Why hiring young is the best thing to do for your business..


A lot of people said I was crazy for hiring a 19 year old fresh out of college as my first employee. But after 1 year, 5 hires and the average age of my company being 25 (all while doubling turnover and growing 20%), I think safe to say I’ve proved them wrong. If you’re still not convinced here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Young minds mean fresh idea’s. Millennials are going into their peak buying phase, therefore it only makes sense to have them work for you, due to them having the knowledge of how to sell to their own age group.
  2. Younger people have that drive and passion you need when building a business. Loyalty is another key quality. If you buy into an apprentice and give them the opportunity to have responsibility, they will always be loyal.
  3. Through mentoring apprentices, it enables them to know every part of your business. This is especially important in the early stages as it allows them alleviate some pressures that other members of your team are struggling with.
  4. It’s key to remember apprentices aren’t just working to get a pay cheque. Another goal of theirs is to work towards developing new skills, which is why they are more likely to be the ones in the team who strive to do their bes £1500 grant for every apprentice take on.t and think out of the box.
  5. Say No to Old Ways! With apprentices, you’re able to mould them into the people you need to take your business forward. I find this better than employing older people who have been in the corporate world and are too stuck in their ways of certain strategies and models.

For me, the advantages of hiring these fresh, new, young apprentices surpass any negatives that could spring to mind and with the UK government giving £1500 grant for every apprentice take on. It pays to be out with old and in with the new!img_2509

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