How to Grow Your Team!

Having a strong team around you is a key part of becoming a success. As an entrepreneur you start out with an idea and you are your only employee. However as your idea grows into a business you’ll realize that it can be a little tricky managing every aspect of your business, it’s at this time you’ll start thinking about building your team.

All the interview questions in the world can’t really tell you what a person is like. Most people are the best and most polished version of themselves in interviews, but the likelihood of them being that version of themselves every single day, through the good and the bad, is unlikely.

Hiring the right employee enhances your work culture and pays you back a thousand times over in high employee morale, positive forward thinking planning, and accomplishing challenging goals. Recruiting the right staff for your business is one of the hardest and most time consuming tasks so here are some of my top tips for recruiting a strong team.

  1. Invest time in developing relationships with university placement offices, recruiters and executive search firms
  2. Job search sites can be a great way to find local staff at short notice, plus you can pay a small fee to promote the position if your requirement for staff is urgent.
  3. Know what type of person you are looking for, and what skills you want them to have
  4. Sometimes it’s not all about the qualifications that they have – not everyone leaves school and heads off to university, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be able to do a certain type of job. This is obviously not the case with all professions.
  5. Try and interview a few candidates per month, even if you’re not recruiting straight away, so that you have candidates in mind for the future or for if something unexpected happens.
  6. Have a clear and defined job role on your advert, don’t make it too general, by making your ad more specific you’re targeting a different type of employee
  7. The key is to build your candidate pool before you need it.
  8. Have high standards and make them known. – Every person in the company should have clearly defined objectives. This not only makes it clear who is performing and who is not, but it supports professional development and reinforces each person’s impact.
  9. Involve Your Employees in the Hiring Process – your current employees can help you interview people to assess their potential “fit” within your company. It’s good to get a feel of what your employees think of the potential candidate as they will be working alongside them. Organizations that fail to use employees to assess potential employees are underutilizing one of their most important assets.
  10. Check Backgrounds and References When Hiring an Employee – Effective background checks are one of the most important steps when hiring an employee. You need to verify that all the presented, sterling credentials, skills, and experience are actually possessed by your candidate.
  11. The background checks must include work references, especially former supervisors, educational credentials, employment references and actual jobs held, and criminal history.
  12. Use a Checklist for Hiring an Employee – a checklist for hiring an employee will help you systematize your process for hiring an employee. Whether it’s your first employee or one of many employees you are hiring, this checklist for hiring an employee helps you keep track of your recruiting efforts.
  13. Companies that select new employees from the candidates who walk in their door or answer an ad in the paper or online are sometimes missing the best candidates, they’re usually working for someone else and they may not even be looking for a new position.
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