The Importance of constant Personal Growth

Monday’s always get me thinking, how did I make it past last week and still manage to get up this morning? I believe that every day when I get up and out of bed I’m growing, no not just physically but in maturity, knowledge, success and happiness.

They say that both men and women only grow until they are in their mid – late teens but I feel this is only true physically. Everybody continues to grow as they age, your knowledge will continue to expand thus making your intelligence grow alongside. If you continue on constantly battling for what you want to succeed in life you will know that as you age you will continue to succeed, therefore you are still growing.

I personally don’t think there is an age where you stop growing fully. No matter how old you get, there is always something new that you can learn and expand your own knowledge and self-awareness of it.  Everybody has their own ladders of personal growth to climb, whether it be in business or in just day-to-day life.

The mind is a beautiful thing and in order to keep it active and receptive you need to exercise it constantly with new challenges so that it continues to grow. In order to be successful and happy you need to learn to start with yourself. Reaching your own potential to the fullest is always going to be hard but who says you can’t get there and then exceed it?

The importance of constant self-growth has an incredible impact in everyday life. How do you feel when you’ve done absolutely nothing all day? Nothing remotely challenging or productive? You feel tired. All motivation has officially jumped ship and left you feeling a tad like a failure or feeling completely lazy with nothing to show for it. But why settle for that?! You should look at yourself and think, what do I need to get done today in order to say I have achieved something? Even if it’s the smallest thing, overcoming it helps you grow leaps and bounds.
Reaching your full potential and unlocking that success and happiness doesn’t just happen at one big leap, personal growth takes time and nurturing. Some take longer than others to realize that their potential is just as high as others and that in order to achieve it they need to expand anything they know about everything, take the time and effort in order to achieve what will make them happy.

Personal development is a journey, not a destination. Dream big, develop yourself, unleash your potential, play well with others, play to your strengths, enjoy the process, share your unique gifts with the world, and grow your greatness by testing yourself, expanding yourself, learning and improving.

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