Kindness Within The Natural Produce Community, From a Fresh Perspective

Creative Nature expo display


Over the weekend our team attended yet another trade show, which was a first for me, focused around companies in the business of Natural and Organic produce. The Natural and Organic Produce Europe Exhibition 2017 held at the Excel centre in London was buzzing with businesses big and small, all looking to meet prospective buyers, fellow companies and anyone else working in or around the industry.


Our gorgeous new designs

We were especially excited to showcase the new style of branding on our products, old and new, to the rest of the industry. The artwork we’ve dressed our wholefoods in caught the eye of many visitors to the show. Bright coloured, intricate designs, each paying homage to the ingredients’ place of origin. This re-imagination of

aesthetics really opened up our opportunities for a show we have attended every year since our launch, as familiar faces were able to take a second look at our product and share the vision we have for the direction of the brand, if they hadn’t already come into business with us!

Meeting ‘competitors’ in our field, if you could call it that, was really a fantastic experience! I, myself have not long been a part of the Creative Nature team, but any predisposition of what it would be like to stare in the faces of said ‘competitors’, was quickly dissipated, as greetings were as friendly as could be imagined. My overly-cautious, maybe cynical self thought it to be just a ploy to scout out their opposition, but as conversation began I was set at ease with the sound of genuine pleasure and acts of comradery that followed.

Julianne Ponan with lifestyle-wiz Madeleine Sure

One conversation with a similar company specifically┬ástuck in my mind, the discourse being one of unity, “bringing down the man” almost, the ‘man’ being the bigger corporations who have hollow values.
Having glass walls, ceilings and floors within a business, (not literally), is seemingly a
running theme throughout the Natural/Organic community. The honesty and hands-where-you-can-see-them attitude really stands out in a business that can be honest, that can disclose most information, not only that; but it brings us together.

As long as they share the good-hearted nature that the natrual produce industry is about, the synergy is something fantastic. Between companies and industry workers, big and small, the love for what we do really prevails.


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