Negativity is not the key to success.

We’ve all been there once; especially coming up to summer and the winter hibernation pounds are still sticking like glue. Negativity has an immense impact on how we feel, work and even interact with others, so why do we let the dark cloud settle over us so much?

Simple. It’s easier just to dwell on the bad around us and ‘deal with it’ instead seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

In my opinion, washing the negativity from your life is the key to success. Why? Because everything will be in focus, you will remain calm and collected in stressful situations that might suddenly arise, meaning that you are able to deal with anything that is thrown into your path whether it be at work, university, college or at home.

I know it’s hard to stay positive one hundred percent of the time but why would you want to be negative 24/7. It’s amazing how things can be impacted dramatically at the simple change of attitude, your environment and even the people! You must surround yourself with positive people, positive thoughts and a positive environment. I know the environment isn’t always in your control however the effects it has on you are solely in your hands. Push away the negativity in life, focus on yourself and how you feel, let the little things go and opt in for the drama free life of being positive!

I try to focus on the health benefits; the less negative you are about things you will begin to see the essential benefits this will have on your health.

  • Reduces stress – By reducing your stress levels, your blood pressure will begin to even out.
  • Strengthens immune system – Your immune system will soak up the benefits of not being tired and stressed therefore making you less likely to fall ill.
  • Helps you relax – Letting the negative things go will just make you more of a relaxed person in general which in turn aids with sleep.


Keeping a positive attitude at work is what helps me battle on through the day (yes even the bad ones!). Picture this, with summer coming up sitting in a sweltering office, only the slight breeze drifting through the window every so often to keep me sane. Now, I could look at the negatives of this situation like just the heat aspect alone, If I did this I would be sitting and moaning every 5 minutes thus dragging out my work and even the day or, I could keep a cold bottle of water with me, cherish the cool breeze every so often, treasure the beautiful day outside and remain positive in the thought that in a few hours I can be out enjoying the sun rays just like everybody else.


Distancing yourself from negativity and those who create it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you slowly start pulling yourself away from the darkness and towards the light you will see dramatic changes in yourself and how others are interacting with you. Keep a positive mind, positive vibes and everything else will begin to fall into place.


Remember, a negative mind will never give you a positive life.

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