Speaker Pack


Julianne Ponan, Founder and CEO of Creative Nature, has had a great amount of success throughout her business so far. Along with success also comes some struggles which she has dealt with and she wants to help others grow and learn from her mistakes. This is why she enjoys doing KeyNote speaking, so that she can share these stories with people who are just starting out in business, in the same boat as her or those wanting to learn entrepreneur and business skills. 


Julianne offers workshops in which she is able to share her fantastic knowledge and stories to people perhaps wanting to start up a business themselves or gain some entrepreneurial skills. The different types of workshops vary from branding, to finance, to management. As well as this, Julianne also does workshops at universities where she shares her own experiences and speaks about the option of not going into a stable job from university, but rather starting up their own business.


With Julianne’s experience, she has a lot to share with young entrepreneurs wanting to follow in her footsteps. That’s why she does one to ones. In these one to one sessions, Julianne goes through their business plans and ideas and gives advice on whether she believes they are plausible or not. Alongside this, Julianne talks through finance and time management with the entrepreneurs and discusses her views on whether they have a steady foundation for starting a business. Ultimately, these one to ones are offered to allow young entrepreneurs to gain advice from somebody who has been in their position and can help them move forward as she did herself.

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