The Importance of Packaging in Branding


Last week at food matters live a startup came asking advice about packaging, mainly whether or not to do the branding in house or hire a branding agency. With creative Nature we did it all in house from the beginning and after 4 years rebranding 3 times and a lot of time and money spent, I’d say hire someone. The main reason? Your brand and packaging conveys who you are to the world and it should be cohesive, here’s why:

You could technically have the best product in the world but it doesn’t mean anything unless your packaging is fantastic. Or alternatively you could sell crap if you have brilliant packaging! The packaging of a brand is the first thing a customer sees from the brand, therefore it needs to give of the right impression and set the right tone of the company.

The packaging of a brand ultimately needs to set itself apart from other competitors and similar brands, whilst still representing the type of product you’re selling. For example, as a snack food brand you still have to look like you’re selling food and not soap for instance. The packaging needs to be relevant, stay true to the brand, product, and possibly tell the story of it.

Packaging constitutes as an essential brand identity tool. If you have packaging that really stands out on the market, it becomes memorable to people. Even a specific colour or font could trigger an association with the brand, therefore getting this to be unforgettable is key when deciding on packaging for your brand. For instance, the branding of Coca Cola had such an impact on the market that it’s the reason behind Father Christmas’ colours also being red and white.

Practicality is a very important factor when it comes to the packaging of a product. The packaging needs to be convenient for the customer. For example, for a snack food product you need to take into consideration that people will want to pick up the product on the go, therefore the packaging needs to be accessible, quick and easy to buy in a retail space, otherwise the customer will associate the brand with inconvenience and won’t give the products a go.

So knowing all this how do you go about selecting what packaging to use? In person market research. For each of our products we took a board with 3 or 4 options of colour wording etc and hit the streets and got people, who are ultimately your end consumer, to vote.

If you already have relationships with the retailer don’t be afraid to ask them! Our head of sales asked a retailer at the end of the pitch what they thought of our new packaging, their feedback was valuable, after all we will be rolling out in their stores and they’re the ones who know what kind of branding sells best in their stores.

So there you have it. Take these factors into consideration and you’ll have a product on the market that will be unforgettable!

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