The most important lesson I learnt… Time Management



Time is a valuable thing; no matter what you do there are only 24 hours in a day and it’s crucial to try and manage your time in a day as effectively as possible. As an entrepreneur, I try to make the most of all of the time in my day and there are many crucial reasons behind my time management choices.

I realised the importance of time management whilst I was spending hours after working on the business doing invoicing. My mentor leant me some vital advice and told me it’s better to pay someone to do the invoices (which would take them 1 hour) rather than taking up your valuable hours in which you could spent on more important tasks which aid in making more money to pay for someone to invoice; it’s key to play to your strengths.

Managing your time effectively helps you to accomplish more with less effort. By planning and taking control of your time, enables you to focus more on a task at a time; allowing your company to benefit more in the long run. With this increased focus, you can breeze through tasks efficiently, without losing sight of the end goal.

My tips on how to manage time include prioritising effectively. You need to manage your tasks in order of importance and relevance and sometimes realise you have to say no sometimes in order to get your work done with minimal stress. Stress is inevitable when being an entrepreneur, however it’s not helpful at all and isn’t always necessary. Saying no to some tasks in order to alleviate some stress is important to me.

Another tip, although it may sound excessive, is to set timers relating to tasks. Setting timers to complete tasks by has really helped me get work finished effectively. This tip may seem like a lot of pressure to follow, however it does work and you can use it as trial and error. You can start by setting a timer to a task and seeing if you finish what is required and if not then you know for next time you were either; being too harsh on yourself and need to allow more time or you need to work faster and not get distracted. The app Toggle does this for you; it’s is a great app which times you and lets you know how long you spent on a certain task so you can learn to either get more efficient or always set that amount of time aside for that task for example scheduling on hootsuite.

It’s so important when managing your time to set aside free time. Free time is necessary, especially when being an entrepreneur as sometimes the stress gets too much and you can no longer work effectively. Remember, everyone needs their down time to relax and unwind- even busy, buzzing, budding entrepreneurs! So follow my advice and start to mange your time instead of it managing you.

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