Tidy Work Space, Tidy Mind – 5 Reasons Why Keeping Your Work Space Will Change How You Work

It’s evident why you would want to keep things neat and tidy, it’s a good thing, right?

Wrong, tidy is a great thing.

1. Make Your Job Easier.

In the workplace, there will be days in which you’ll wish you didn’t leave that important document on the floor next to you to “file later”, or that you had room to place the coffee you could have drunk if it didn’t have to be placed directly next to your frantic elbows.

Efficiency comes all too easy when your workplace and surrounding areas are organised, you can have 3 papers stapled and hole-punched before your cluttered neighbor even finds a staple!

Spending a little time personalising an organised desk can save a lot of time.


2. Mentality.

Keeping it clean at work will keep your head in the game. Even if you live a tidy lifestyle outside of work, making sure it’s kept up to scratch will stigmatise your job with positive connotations such as being concise, focused and professional.

You’d never see a messy professional work place portrayed on television unless they wanted you to identify it as unprofessional.


3. Mental Health.

Differing from Mentality, your mental health is how your mind copes with external sensory experiences.

According to a study written in ‘Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin’, people with dirty or cluttered work areas described their experience as feeling fatigued and depressed, Whereas those with clear, organised spaces used words such as ‘restorative’ and ‘peaceful’.

Having poor mental health will effect your behavior and your overall happiness at work, so it’s certainly worth keeping things sorted!


4. Health.

According to RTKEnvironmental research; unclean office equipment, surfaces and collections of dust are the most likely causes of illness within a working week.

Dust buildup is especially troubling in the work place, as not only is it making you prone to illness, but it’s likely to have an uncomfortable effect on you. Congestion, sore eyes and triggered Asthma attacks are all possible symptoms of dust exposure, so make sure you’re keeping things clean or it could make your job a lot more uncomfortable than it needs to be!


5. Image

It looks good, to put it simply.

For colleagues, clients and even yourself, upholding the cleanliness of your areas is appealing and a way to convey your professionalism before conducting any business.


I hope with the warmer season starting to set in, that these reasons have given you a reason to tidy up your works pace, Happy Spring Cleaning!


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