What Christmas means to me – and to other allergy sufferers…

As many of you will know from reading my blog, I love any reason to be able to celebrate, and Christmas is definitely a time for celebration.

But as you also may know, I suffer from life-threatening food allergies, which means at a time of year when I should be enjoyed celebrating with family and friends, I always need to be on my guard.

When it comes to luxurious, festive foods, which for most people look forward to as a once a year treat, sadly, they are not for me or my fellow allergy sufferers.

I can also indulge, but I have to take great care about the ingredients of everything that I eat.

Also, if I want chocolates that are nut-free, look and tasting beautiful, that probably means artisan. That also generally means I have to pay a higher price than everyone else who can buy chocolate off the supermarket shelves.

To buy many alternative ingredients that are gluten-free, nut-free, dairy free … they are more costly than the foods containing those ingredients.

I am penalised for having allergies.

Christmas Shopping Trips.

Even the joy of Christmas shopping can become less enjoyable to me.  Most people can stop at all of the pop-up stalls where they buy Christmas foods as a quick snack and rest their aching feet from traipsing around the shops.

As much as I’d love to eat something, and sometimes there are foods that I’m not allergic too, but the big problem is, that there is a massive risk of cross-contamination.  Stall holders tend to use the same utensils for serving the different goodies.  The risk is too high, so I miss out.

When visiting offices of clients or businesses that we collaborate with, there are always mince pies, or chocolates on offer during this period, and yet again, I have to decline, because I don’t know what the ingredients are.


My family and friends know about my allergies, so they also understand about the importance of me knowing the ingredients of foods that they serve me.

Over Christmas, I can relax when I eat at home, because I know what has gone into the food I’m eating. We have created our own traditions, serving foods that I can eat and enjoy, knowing they are safe.

I can use any of our products from Creative Nature, to bake chocolate Christmas cakes, cookies, chocolate brownies, and muffins, knowing that they are all free from the top 14 allergens.

An image to share some ideas about having a safe foodie Christmas 2020 if you have allergies.
An image celebrating Christmas alongside a blog from allergy and anaphylaxis sufferer Julianne Ponan who is CEO of free from food brand Creative Nature.

Using a range of our products, of which there are many, I look forward to being able to appreciate festive foods, without feeling as though I’m missing out.

I can enjoy a festive breakfast, with the Spiced Apple Porridge, and warming hot drinks of Hot chocolate, alongside some very tasty sweet, festive treats.

This Christmas will be very different from most that have gone before, and many of us will not be able to spend time with all of those we love, however I hope you have a safe festive season, enjoying treats and seasonal foods.  Happy Christmas!

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