Why Entrepreneurs Should Go To Award Shows

As you may have seen, I’ve been to numerous award shows and I’ve even picked up a few awards at these events. The reason I enjoy going to events isn’t for the ego boost or to have all eyes on me (I actually get quite nervous), and it isn’t for the free alcohol either (although that’s a perk), but rather the amount I am able to gain from such functions.



No such thing as free press?

One thing I love most about going to these events is the exposure and free PR that comes along with it. The publicity that comes from simply attending is greatly beneficial to your own business and personal image as a whole. Depending on how big or small the event is, a variety of media outlets are present, which may bring about important exposure. An example of press I’ve received from just being shortlisted, is a feature in the Telegraph.

Network is networth!

Aside from all the personal exposure, networking with people who are more experienced than yourself can have huge advantages as you can learn from their strategies, mistakes and gain advice. In terms of securing new business, it’s ideal! At one award show, we nailed a huge deal by speaking with Reynolds Spas and having them agree to take our products. This networking is key to growing businesses, therefore it’s one of the main positives that arises from going to award shows. Networth= Network! You’re not only getting better morale from networking, but you can also learn valuable lessons from entrepreneurs who are further along in their journey.


Great minds think alike!

One of the biggest shifts has been surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs in the same boat as me. Sharing stories, struggles and triumphs enables you to help each other grow, as you can learn from their mistakes, set up possible business and make new friends who understand you in general.

Have fun!

Business aside, if you go to such events with your team members, you get to build and develop relationships. It enables you to learn more about who you’re working alongside, outside of the work and business environment, which in turn actually benefits your business in the long run!


So there you go, these are just a few of the many reasons why I personally enjoy attending award shows and why I encourage entrepreneurs to do the same!


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