You better watch that Watch!

Timekeeping and scheduling my day is so important, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my diary!

I always make sure that the night before I plan my day and give myself time limits / schedules in which things would need to be complete. I feel that by doing this I am making myself focus on completing and prioritising tasks. A bit like a to-do list just slightly stricter!

By keeping to my timescales I find that my mind is less likely to wander away from what I am supposed to be doing because I have set myself a time in which it needs to be complete.

Obviously if you run over that time it’s no issue but then you have to remember the other tasks you have set yourself for that day. My tip here would be to make sure you give yourself a more time when you are completing that particular task, or one similar just so your time management can give you a more accurate time-scale in which all of your tasks are complete.

Timekeeping is essential for busy business people however it is not limited to them. Anybody and everybody have some sort of timekeeping they do during the day, whether it is having your cup of tea or coffee between 8-9am or if it’s just getting up at those times! There are no boundaries on who can manage their time because everybody does it in simple day to day life.

Planning your travelling is probably the most popular in relation to timekeeping because you’re literally planning what time you’re leaving, what time you’re arriving and then what you will be doing during that day and how much you can get done before you return.  Most of us don’t realise that we use this skill in everyday life and when it comes to actually scheduling everything up struggle? It’s mind over matter, you know how to time keep just as much as I do.

It does take time to get into the swing of timekeeping when you’re at work because anything can be thrown at you and you have to add it into your schedule which in turn will knock all of the timescales you set yourself. Remember, this is not an issue because you can only work at your own pace, so just take a step back a re-evaluate and re-prioritise what you have to get done and when.

The good thing about To-Do lists and timekeeping is that they are just rough drafts of your day, nothing is set in stone. Everything can be changed and anything can be prioritised. Don’t get stressed over the amount of work you have in the day, just take a deep breath and schedule it all out.

I would be absolutely swamped everyday if I didn’t have any schedule because where would I know where to start? There would be absolutely no structure and with no structure it’s more than likely to get messy.

It’s either you run the day or the day runs you.

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